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Biotopia is a collaborative knowledge sharing portal and civic platform for artists and the public to develop content on intersecting topics relating to environment, sustainability, technology and design. It functions as an enrichment tool for the art work Biotope. Its intended use is to provide continued access to knowledge gathered by art projects that can be developed upon by anyone from anywhere. By providing access to information from inspired experiences the public can thoughtfully engage in acts of stewardship in their own lives brought to them through the inspiration of art.


It's mission is to increase environmental stewardship by giving people the tools to do so thoughtfully; to gather and share information on topics relating to art, environment, technology and design from people around the world in one location; to provide a means for anyone to deepen one's understanding of these subjects; to counteract environmental crisis by raising awareness of the subjects proposed herein; to harness the strength of collective intelligence worldwide on these subjects; and to engage a variety of individuals across many backgrounds and demonstrate the benefits of collective interdisciplinary pursuits.

Social Practice

Biotopia uses the democratized technology of a wiki as a medium in which this project can take shape. As a wiki, contributors build content to create an open-ended and editable resources. To this end, Biotopia is a social practice work facilitating community engagement and collaboration. In addition, wikis are growing in relevance as educational tools. As such, care over accuracy of information is being stewarded by contributors to assure the quality of wiki entries. Wiki code is also simple to learn and use. Wiki entries can also be protected in order to protect the writings as necessary.