Greenhouse Design

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The project will be situated at Bartram's Garden on the Schuylkill River. Across the river is a refinery. The images herein are exploratory research echoing the vista. The mock-up limits the use of transparent material for enclosing space. The reason for this to allow birds access in and out of the space without risk of fatality from collision.
The greenhouse and the refinery share the same vista. Upon further thought perhaps the right form is one that "neutralizes" the spherical forms of the refinery across the way by make their architectural opposite (if that is possible). Can a design be made achieve this inversion while at the same time facilitate the function of the greenhouse's purpose as well as be accessible physically and conceptually to the public.
Circumscribed Sphere
One idea is to imply the form as a negative space instead of a positive one where the sphere would be defined by its cubic framework on the outside. The sphere form would then be a cavity or a circumscribed sphere.